Each Digital Download costs £10.00

These Individual Songs - Sheet Music Booklets have been a great success for our Fans who want the enjoyment of playing Charlie’s music themselves. We have been selling them in the hard-copy format. Unfortunately, as we all know the world is being subject to rising costs, which are out of all proportion. We have investigated how we can keep these costs down, while being able to still supply what appears to be a great demand for these booklets and will still enable our Fans to obtain the sheet music of Charlie’s songs.

We are pleased to advise ALL our Fans that we have introduced onto our website a new download section totally for these Individual Songs - Sheet Music Booklets

The format of the packs is pdf. Each pack includes lyrics, piano and guitar chords as well as some insight from Charlie as to the inspiration and meaning behind the songs.

Tracks - A

A Million Ways To Fall

Tracks - F

Five Fingers

Tracks - H

Heaven Knows
How Do You Do Those Things

Tracks - I

I Am Red
I Will Love You All My Life
If Only
If Only I Had Wings
It's About Loving You

Tracks - L

Love You Every Second

Tracks - M

My Forever Friend
My Heart Would Know

Tracks - N

No Time At All

Tracks - P

Part Of Me

Tracks - S

Saviour's Song
Some Mother's Son

Tracks - W

Walking On My Memories
What Colour Is The Wind

Tracks - Y

You're Dear To Me